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Unique childrens rugs woven with Sorona ® fiber under license from DuPont™. Nowhere else to obtain.

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Educational !

Quality is our trump card

The perfect rug for your baby, toddler or preschooler to play and enjoy the soft and playful rugs with beautiful illustrations.


catThe health, comfort and hygiene of the toddlers does not always get enough attention, both by producers of children products as by the parents.  Several countries, and also some stores, require very severe strict standards for all products , of which toddlers have physical contact with. 
And there is reason !!!  Think about the very cheap printed rugs in hard nylon loops, that are sold at dumping prices and do not meet any basic standards at all. These inferior children play mats are almost impossible to clean, tough to play on, have a very limited lifetime…

We take pride, as a Belgian producer of woven rugs, to introduce to you the SENS brand, for sale in in the U.K., exclusively via this B2C web shop  : or via specific public exhibitions.

All play rugs are made from extreme soft ‘fibers of the future’, Sorona ® by the very well reputed concern DuPont ™ : Exclusive premium luxury Kids rugs, known for the softness and durability.

SENS play rugs are very suitable for furnishing and enlightening the children rooms and are an excellent choice for flooring decoration.



Soft as down : the SENS rugs with DuPont™ Sorona® are so soft, they make walking barefoot a decadent indulgence. The science behind the softness lies in the unique structure of Sorona® polymer

Environmental friendly : Sorona® renewable sourced fiber is proof of the commitment by DuPont™ to create innovative solutions that help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sorona® contains 37% renewably-sourced, plant-based material by weight, enabling SENS Kids rugs with a smaller environmental footprint.

Anti-stain : The stain resistance in Sorona® is powerful — and permanent. Other fibers add a topical stain-resistance treatment post-manufacture. It’s sprayed on, so ultimately, it can wear off. DuPont scientists engineered stain resistance directly into the Sorona® polymer itself. Sorona® protects SENS Kids Rugs year after year.  Sorona® means some of the toughest stains (coke, juice, ketchup, mustard) can be wiped away with a damp cloth

 Hand- and machine washable : SENS Kids  Rugs can be tossed in the washing machine and cleaned with ordinary laundry detergent. Special cleaning chemicals are not required — yet another environmental plus. The shaggy rugs of yore were dirt-hoarders, clinging hard to debris and encouraging bacteria. Sorona® means SENS Luxury Kids Rugs are easy-to-clean, quick-to-dry, hygienic, and anti-allergenic.

Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape – Easy storage :  SENS Kids rugs made with Sorona® resist matting because Sorona® fibers are crush-resistant.. They can be folded for storage and each time put back on the floor with no fear of permanent fold marks.  Sorona® is resilient. It bounces back, true to form.

Educational : The original and cute motifs stimulate the creativity and the inquisitiveness of the Kids.
Wear and resistance : SENS kids rugs will last an eternity and keep the original shape and colour.
Hygiene : Because all food residues, vomit and even urine can be removed by using a damp cloth or by washing, bacteria grow will be avoided.  Allergic reaction is also reduced because the growth of dust mites will be slowed or stopped by frequent

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